Arboleas informs those affected on Innovation approved the General Plan to legalize their homes

The meeting was held in the auditorium of the Museum Gilabert.

The meeting was held in the auditorium of the Museum Gilabert.

Arboleas City Council welcomed the planned meeting with the affected homes in settlements built outside the city limits. The reason for the meeting was due to, finally, the Provincial Planning Commission approved one of the most important documents in this area: Partial Revision of the PGOU. Or what is the same, the Commission gave the green light to the legalization 298 homes that are located in those settlements of the municipality. The meeting was attended Mayor, Cristóbal García, councilors and editor team, in order to inform and clarify the different doubts. "This government team is very pleased and we thank everyone who made it possible to reach this success. Today we know that if you work hard and jump all obstacles that stand in the way, at the end always you get to the goal that you set out ", He argued the mayor, Cristóbal García, adding that: "During this long and intense time, We have not stopped for a moment to work together: technicians of the Andalusian, Team editor and City ".

Above 200 assistants "victims" attended the meeting expected, where it was announced that all its properties are recognized by the Provincial Planning Commission as urban land unconsolidated Innovation 14 and that, from its publication in the BOJA, It will proceed to the development of EU corresponding to consolidate these soils. From this point, each affected proceed to legalize their housing. However, the corresponding procedures will be developed through the Department of Urban Planning at municipal offices, as well as advice and information request.

"We had an obligation to fulfill our promise and this government team had the duty to report all details to our neighbors, We ask them who vote in years 2011 and 2015. Specifically, our commitment focused on normalizing the urban situation of Arboleas and wanted to explain what we have done with these votes that has allowed us to solve this great urban conflict ", ha argumentado el primer edil.

It is recalled that in reaching this approval has made three Urbanísticas Innovations General Plan of Urban Planning of Arboleas, specifically: Innovation -12, Innovation-13 and 14-Innovation. all, within the law in urban planning. "We have achieved the best outcome for those affected, in particular, and Arboleas, and general. Y, on our part, we apologize to the neighbors about the situation they have had to endure all this time, but at the same time we congratulate them ", Christopher valued García.

De otro lado, the mayor has announced that they are already working on another urban issue, specifically, in the development of all Implementation Units in order to consolidate the ground as urban. "From this moment, We are very pleased that all our citizens are equal in rights and duties. This is the people we wanted to have, for which we have worked hard and, at the end, we have achieved ", He concluded the mayor.