Arboleas celebrates the 'XVII Gastronomic Days' Al-Arbuli'

Arboleas Tourism and Gastronomy
participating group.
participating group.

The 'XVII Gastronomic Al-Arbuli' ended Arboleas, last weekend, a total success both participation and organizational. The mayor of the City, Cristóbal García, He has expressed satisfaction with the course of the same stating that "were very attentive while, since this event invites leave home and to enjoy the various activities that are part of the days themselves. One more year, our neighbors and visitors have responded with their support to this proposal, over time, It has established itself as a tradition in Arboleas ".

Plaza of Spain hosted musical performances that offered the Al Caravan Group and the Municipal Folklore Group Arboleas. And as tradition, participants offered their best culinary dishes, this time, They were characterized by the presentation of typical Spanish dishes, British and even Romanian. To this special recipes added Azabache restaurants and Meson Arboleas, as well as a delicious tasting ham, cheese, wine and spirits.

Also, exhibitors managed to gather a large group of diners making this day a true act of coexistence and social integration among all citizens of Arboleas. This was the priority objective pursued by the City Council. "I want to thank the collaboration of all people who have made this act is completed successfully. Especially, the Department of Culture and seconded staff, and volunteers who selflessly participated in all that has been necessary. Without them we could not celebrate another edition of this conference ". With these words, Cristobal Garcia stressed that: "The challenges we are marking, the City Council is to promote, from all points of view, economic diversity of Arboleas. It is clear that the culinary arts, catering and tourism, among other sectors they are having a very important role in the economy of the town, therefore we have to find ways that enhance "

They have passed 17 years old, since Arboleas held for the first time the Gastronomic Al-Arbuli; a cultural and culinary proposal, like other events, They are being consolidated strongly in both the municipality and the region. "One of our goals is that this annual event will join the set of values ​​of tourist interest and Arboleas considers necessary to consolidate in this field. We are fully convinced that these days are being imposed, little by little, as a claim of economic interest both as a tourist ", she added the mayor. Gastronomy is an art and, as such, It has already secured its place in the municipality.