Plan Approved Uses port Villaricos, which promotes tourism activities

Port Hope, Villaricos.

Villaricos Hope

Private initiative offers a total of 1.376 square meters of land to install leisure facilities, restaurants and shops

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has approved the Plan Uses of port spaces Villaricos, Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería), One of its main features is the boost to tourism development in these areas, currently he dedicated primarily to recreational boating. En total, Plan intended 1.376 square meters of land for private initiative can be installed and complementary activities to the proper port, predominantly leisure, shops and restaurants.

The main novelty, highlights the general objective of developing complementary activities to use port and skyline in the field of leisure and recreation. So, it is proposed that the "riverside esplanades not intended to nautical-recreational activity should be a support for the implementation and development of activities that encourage proper integration port-city", as well as "play and recreational activities related to tourism, with territorial role that corresponds to Villaricos in Almeria Levante ".

La Balsa is intended for this use spaces around 874 square meters located in the vicinity of the building and toilets Costume, esplanades built according to the wall between the boardwalk and stairs leading to the port. For his part, La Esperanza is a plot of 502 also square near the access to the port and along the promenade meters, that currently has a defined use. The proceedings shall be conducted by entrepreneurs who wish to settle in these soils, initially estimated private investment of 450.000 euros in the overall adequacy of port systems and construction of new buildings for these complementary activities.

De facto, and pursuant to this Plan of Uses, Public Ports Agency of Andalusia, attached to the Ministry, has awarded a concession for the installation of a restaurant in La Esperanza. This is particularly of an administrative concession for the construction and operation of six years of removable wooden beach bar, in which the private developer plans to invest 130.000 euros from the works of the general structure, machinery and furniture, thereby generating employment and economic activity in the port.

In general terms, installing chandlery shops and caterers are allowed, the latter may have terraces with detachable parts provided they do not disrupt pedestrian traffic and comply with the rules on accessibility and removal of architectural barriers. Activities that may cause noise or cause discomfort to both port users as neighbors is expressly prohibited, establishments such as clubs or nightlife.

Moreover, within the land spaces are also allowed to stay dry vessel for maintenance and repair, and means for hoisting and launching of the same in the vicinity of the ramps, provided they do not affect the pedestrian accessibility and filmed the exhibition and have appropriate security conditions. The rest of allocating land areas will continue to host recreational services crews, port administration, costumes, restroom, head offices of nautical sports entities and linked to artisanal fishing activities, as shadow elements and street furniture

As the irrigation, will remain dedicated to moor recreational fleet, artisanal fishing vessels and vessels engaged in entertaining activities, Training the tourist. En total, between La Balsa and Hope, Plan Uses orders 40.400 square meters, corresponding 11.800 square meters land area and the rest water surface, thereby adjusting the port service area demarcation of maritime-terrestrial public domain and infrastructure existing shelter.