Approved the decree law governing school integration of FP consortia in the SAE

The Governing Council has approved the decree law that will allow the integration of Vocational Training School Partnerships Jobs in the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), through the modification of the purposes of this agency. Both 167 workers of the ten centers of the network and all its equipment and infrastructure will become part of the SAE, thus ensuring the continuity of training offered in this course will be held over 4.900 students.

The standard, which also sets out the procedure to complete integration, justifies "extraordinary and urgent need" required for processing as Decree Law by the unstable financial situation facing the consortia and uncertainty about the continuity of their business.

With this legal coverage, the Department of Employment, Business and Trade will take the necessary solutions as holder of the skills Training for Employment, in the last legislature held Education. In this sense, also they have changed the purpose and name of the Andalusian Public Education Agency, that from now Andalusian Public Education Agency will be called.

In the preamble to the decree law it is recalled that the current situation of the consortia is generated due to the reforms introduced by the new state laws to rationalize public sector and local government, approved in 2014 and 2013, respectively. Both draft amendments established rules that prevent the participation of local authorities in Andalucia training network.

Following this situation, the Governing Council approved an agreement 21 October 2014 who initiated the dissolution of the consortia for further global transfer of assets and liabilities to a legally appropriate entity that would allow the continuation of the training activity. With the decree law approved today, the decisive step to complete this process with the integration of the SAE network is given.

It reflects the recommendations of the Audit Chamber of Andalusia in the sense that the network of consortia should stop underpinned financially by an annual grant from the Junta almost entirely. Also, It is suited to measures of rigor and transparency of the regional government in the management of vocational training for employment.

To facilitate integration into the SAE, the law establishing the public agency is modified in the section dedicated to its object and purpose, and introduced including "infrastructure management, human resources and equipment of the training centers for employment owned by the Andalusian ". Equally, including the implementation of actions in this matter and planning for the offer is made by the Ministry of Employment is added, Business and Trade.

In terms of procedure, network of centers will be assigned to the Board through the SAE, that is subrogated in both goods, rights and obligations of its assets and liabilities. Previously, each consortium must approve a project comprising global transfer, inter alia, the date from which have accounting purposes and information on assets and liabilities. After the prior favorable report of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, SAE will eventually accept the transfer, which should be published in the Official Gazette of the Andalusian.

Network Consortium Schools Training for Employment operates a training offer specialized and tailored to the specific needs of qualifications in economic sectors of particular areas of the autonomous region. With a medium insertion 90%, It consists Marble centers in Fines (Almería); Hotels in Cadiz; Jewelry in Córdoba; Wood Encinas Reales (Cordova); Crafts, Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historical Heritage, Arts and Culture in Granada; Hospitality in Islantilla (Beautiful, Huelva); Hospitality and Tourism Bishop's Bridge (Baeza, Jaén); Hospitality in Benalmádena (Malaga); The Hospitality Cónsula in Málaga, Artisans in Gelves (Seville).