Antonio Martinez presents the 'Municipal Carbon Footprint' web application

Antonio Martinez

Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez

The territorial delegate of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Antonio Martinez, It presented this morning the "Municipal Carbon Footprint" web application, at the start of the training days organized by the Andalusian, with the aim to train municipal officials in methodologies for calculation of municipal inventory of greenhouse gases, through this web application.

This tool, which also serves simulator, It is more advanced than the first version, through the emissions inventory data of the year they were calculated 2007, as it includes information relating to the period between the years 2000 and 2012.

The purpose of this web application – As he pointed out by Martinez- is to facilitate decision-making and monitoring of municipal emission reduction plans municipal officials, they have direct competence in the sectors related to emissions: urban planning, transport and mobility, municipal energy management, waste management, public awareness.

Also this tool allows each municipality access to their own data, for the series 2000-2012, the purpose of monitoring emissions and allows each municipality makes a check, with data verification or proposing an improvement or correction if. Indicated by the delegate of the Environment of the Board "it is also essential to meet the objectives of the action plan Andalusian climate and strengthen mitigation and adaptation measures provided for in the future Law on climate change".

Martinez also said that the climate change Act, currently in draft, "Especially it encourages the role of corporations, as it has done in previous years through programs such as "Sustainable Cities" or "Covenant of Mayors". "A pact signed 544 of the 711 Andalusian towns , 74 of them in Almería and has until October, the main European initiative which participated voluntarily to achieve a reduction of 20% their emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 ".

For the delegate, "Covenant of mayors (which changes its name to be called "new covenant of mayors to climate and energy") He has gone a step further in the fight against climate change, becoming more ambitious in seeking to reduce emissions in the territory an 40% up 2030, and it includes a strategy to adapt to the effects of climate change on the same ".

The regional head of the Environment and Spatial Planning has indicated that "as has been done so far, the Ministry will continue to promote the accession of the Andalusian municipalities this pact local governments to climate change and, of course, will continue to provide support for the development of PAES (action plans for sustainable energy) and he encouraged attendees to "be part of it and improve the carbon footprint of the province".

Last, the delegate referred to the UN climate summit in Paris "that is pending around the world" and which "can be expected to achieve good results that will far exceed those reached at the summit 1997 in which it adopted the "Kyoto Protocol".