Antonio Martinez, Delegate of Environment: “We all want the best environment for our environment and that is the task”


Antonio Martinez Rodriguez was born in 1980 and a BA in Political Science and Administration from the University of Granada. Until his appointment as a delegate worked as an educator of children in the center of Oria Land (Almería) and is organizing secretary of his party (PSOE) en Purchena.

“I did not hesitate, I come from associations and political action very early, Alderman in two stages and content of this being noticed purchenero. Grateful to my party and my Secretary General José Luis Sánchez Teruel for the opportunity; but above all full of hope, desire to work and responsibility to carry out this new stage in an important moment and proud to be part, humbly, the Andalusian government in our province Susana Diaz” He says on his appointment. “Surely we have and we are going through a difficult time, right now it is also when crop fruit initiatives and ideas that need and in our region and has been but not enough. We must put all our resources at stake, without exception, with agriculture and marble are our traditional sectors must promote our heritage and our natural resources: splendid landscapes, Centenary trees, charming trails and a strong potential for sports tourism, mycological, hunting, astronomical or gastronomic. Modest rural tourism initiatives or nature also adds and diversifying, surely we face the future with greater guarantees, which also they have their space public-private partnerships”.

About his current occupation, excited talk. “Territorial Delegation has jurisdiction in matters of great importance to society and the daily lives of citizens. Water, town planning, pollution, montes, biodiversity, protected spaces, are good examples. It is a complex Administration, we all want the best environment for our environment and that is the task, We are convinced that conservation is a well-understood development. That which can be seen as contradictory, we see it as an opportunity and so I do see every day a team of fantastic people who work from the Delegation for the defense of environmental values”.

Antonio Martinez is a great supporter of the Filabres. Since its associative activism vindicated their environment and respect for nature. He says convinced that “the Sierra de los Filabres is one of the most important public forests of Andalusia and therefore the INFOCA plan has one of its centers Forest Protection (CEDEFO) Seron. It is our great natural space, our lungs and recharge our aquifers sponge. Prevent and tackle forest fires quickly is the most important initiative to preserve and certainly enhance its value in a respectful manner, It must be one of our main goals. Data from the fires this year have been extraordinary, We are certainly against the best year of the last ten, all thanks to INFOCA device that consists of more than five hundred professionals in our province and which is constituted as an example at international level”. It is also a defender of the local and village life, so no doubt when he says that “municipalist for sure and for someone who comes from the rural world, leaving aside ideologies and political activism, I can not understand a reform that has proved a failure in their purposes, local government is the most democratic and closer to its citizens. Always with the necessary controls, but this administration should be better equipped and more spoiled by what means. I never understood finished the last campaign of the People "#MiPuebloNoSeCierra", It was a shock, It is what they have tried in recent years. We have been others who have opted for medium and small municipalities”.


Christmas message

“I wish all the inhabitants of Valle del Almanzora happy holidays and year 2016 is a year of snow, and therefore goods, and bring us much needed water our water. But above all good health, which it is the main”.

By Francisco Javier Fernández Espinosa

Photos: Antonio Martinez