Antonio Martinez, Delegate of Environment: “We have a complicated campaign against fires”

Antonio Martinez Rodriguez, Provincial Delegate of Environment.

Antonio Martinez Rodriguez, Provincial Delegate of Environment, born in 1980 and a BA in Political Science and Administration from the University of Granada. Since arriving in the delegation he has tried to convey to all members of the Plan INFOCA working in prevention and firefighting, the great natural responsibility, social and economic that falls on their shoulders.

We talked to him about the difficult campaign this year.

Delegate, How you are developing the campaign this year and how many troops we have in the INFOCA Plan?

The device is to INFOCA 100%. It is available 500 people, 15 Fire vehicles, 1 Mobile Meteorology and Transmission Unit. It also has 4 air assets: A cargo plane parked on Earth at the base of Gérgal and three transport helicopters and extinction located in Forest Defense Centers of Velez Blanco, Serón and respectively Alhama. The province has 19 monitoring points located throughout the province, what it makes us a very extensive network control possible fires. They have been invested 18 million euros in this campaign for the province of Almería, so we have a very effective and rapid intervention device that avoid large fires of thousands of hectares.

Will they influence the rains that occurred during the winter and spring in the risk of possible fires?

Heavy rainfall in the months of October and November, They have made our mountains have more vegetation and thus more fuel. The above average and frequent episodes of dry temperatures and strong winds increase the risk of forest fires. Forecasts indicate that this situation will continue in the coming months. We therefore complicated campaign against fires. our province, with extreme meteorological conditions, the most important limitations are related to the use of fire in agriculture which is the most frequent cause of forest fires. As in previous years it follows the ban on fires in forest areas or forest influence,as well as barbecues or bowling with forest roads vehicles. Insist that necessary preventive measures are Extremen prevent forest fires in any activity in our forests.

What message you want to convey to citizens? Will we have to exercise extreme caution?

This summer we must all work together to prevent forest fires. Fighting fires in our forests is a task that must involve all of society and, particularly, contact sectors rural areas are as residents, farmers, hunters or fishermen, as well as visitors and the general public. The bell, Infoca developing the Plan to 15 October, commitment to new technologies in training and firefighting, and it is presented under the message "The fire makes your dreams ashes", with the complicity of citizens and citizens looking for.

We want the good work pays, For the good of all.