Andalusia, on alert for wind and coastal phenomena.

Orange level in the eastern provinces.

All provinces of the autonomous community of Andalusia have enabled this Saturday 4 January some kind of wind or weather alert coastal phenomena, anticipating higher levels of reporting (orange) Jaen, Almería, Granada and Malaga.

In Almería, orange level expected by winds up 90 miles per hour from West and Almería 12,00 until 0,00 hours; in the county of this start at Levante 15,00 hours and will end at midnight. Regarding coastal phenomena, This will alert level of 15,00 a 0,00 hours, with the rest of the day –from 12.00– yellow warning, will also, by winds up 80 kph, in West and Capital –of 6,00 a 12,00 hours–, Levant –of 9,00 a 15,00 hours–, Birth, Golf Taverns, Almanzora Valley and Los Vélez –of 12,00 a 0,00 hours–.