Extenda Andalusian Enterprise and encourage business between entrepreneurs internationalization Huercal-Overa.

The Andalusian Enterprise Foundation and the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), both dependent on the Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, have been carried out in Huercal-Overa a technical conference aimed at promoting competitiveness, business cooperation, innovation and international spirit. This action, framed within the 'International Programme for Entrepreneurs', Embark Andalusia, took place at the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) huercalense, and has had the assistance of 18 entrepreneurs.

The 'International Programme for Entrepreneurs', with which the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Jobs wants to stimulate the competitiveness of entrepreneurs and Andalusian companies by visualizing other scenarios and learning from other countries and regions, consists, as they have known those attending this event, four performances.

The first is that of 'Pre-internationalization: previous steps to internationalization ', of which has just started in Andalusia its third cycle of conferences, and consists of a series of training seminars on the prerequisites for the expansion of a business project; 'Visits Entrepreneurs', they are stays or visits outside our community (the technology parks, innovation centers, fairs, business meetings, Congress, journeys the courses); 'Exchange and Training Programs for Entrepreneurs', also includes practical training in companies outside Andalusia; and 'Andalusians in the world', which is a support for those living outside the Andalusian autonomous community wishing to start a business in Andalusia or cooperate with companies already established in our land.


Blanca Crespo, Extenda Technique Bureau in the province of Almería, reported on the range of programs and services offered Extenda order to increase the number of Andalusian companies in the process of internationalization, improve the international position of Andalusian companies that are already active in this process and increase the Andalusian investment abroad. These programs and services are grouped into six major areas: information, consulting, promotion, training, Grants and funding.


At end of exposure, entrepreneurs attending the conference (Citrus marketers, oil and products derived therefrom, companies producing organic products, the construction sector, graphic prints, the art world, organic baby items and professional architects) had the opportunity to submit questions to the techniques of CADE and Extenda.


The territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, it has highlighted "the desirability of entrepreneurs, since its inception, weigh the possibility of offering their products and services in the international market, since it involves expanding your business opportunities through new sales or contact with suppliers and international partners ", and assured that "internationalization is one of the best assets of a company in seizing opportunities and diversify risks in the global society in which we live".

Andalusian Enterprise and Extenda

Embark Andalucía is a foundation attached to the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, working to promote entrepreneurship and economic activity in the region through specific programs and providing support services for entrepreneurs and business, to help drive the creation and development of enterprises and employment.

This has 215 Centers for Entrepreneurial Development (CADES) that cover the entire Community – 26 of them in the province of Almería-, where a team of specialists in various business subjects provide information, qualified technical advice, training, tutoring, Free support and monitoring to support the launch of new business ideas and guide the development of existing businesses.

Also, CADES provide the service business warehouse and office accommodation, that allows entrepreneurs to have a free space in which to develop their activity by a certain time, ranging from six months (in offices, pre-incubated projects, which have not yet constituted as a company) and three years (Enterprise already created, in ships).

In the first nine months of 2014 the 26 CADEs province contributed to the creation of 870 new companies with an initial investment of 9,13 million and 1.121 jobs linked, which 76 correspond to development plans for entering new business lines, improve or modernize existing.

For his part, the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda) supported the year 178 Almeria companies in their initiation, growth and consolidation in international markets, the 32% the industrial sector, followed the agrifood (26%), services (25%) consumer and (15%). The Almeria companies supported by Extenda showed greater interest in having a presence, in this order, U.S., Morocco, UAE, Germany and Mexico.