Andalucía Emprende provide more than 30 companies 18 Almeria municipalities reach cooperation agreements


Over thirty businessmen and businesswomen 18 Almeria inland towns participating in the program today 'Create, cooperates and grows', an initiative of the Andalucía Emprende Foundation, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, which it aims to promote the establishment of agreements and collaborative networks between companies to improve their competitiveness

The territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Lopez Tortosa, today opened the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CADE) Alhama de Almería the first of the working sessions of this program. Tortosa Lopez recalled that one of the objectives of the CADEs is to promote business collaboration and encouraged entrepreneurs to "meet to find common interests, potential investors and new partners and work together to be stronger, because cooperation in a difficult context such as this is vital to maintain and grow ".

In this first meeting involved four companies, three of them are cooperatives settled down in Alhama de Almería, Hardware and Efren specifically Biosemillas (which sells fruit and vegetable seeds, especially ecological), plus the autonomous Yolanda Ruiz, that has a free accommodation at CADE Abrucena activity for hydraulic hose manufacturing and distribution of industrial hardware and signature Enerotreze, incubated at CADE Taverns, that provides development and implementation of marketing strategies, elaboration of equality plans for businesses, training, organizing events, etc..

The 'Create, cooperate and grow 'it is designed to meet, model and practice business cooperation between enterprises, in the start of this project more than thirty- the following municipalities: Alhama de Almería, Antas, Benahadux, Singing, Carboneras, Chirivel, Dalías, Fiñana, Laujar de Andarax, Lubrín, Olula River, Oria, Purchena, Pannier, Taverns, Tower, Velez Blanco and Velez Rubio.

This initiative has a very practical, hinged on four rounds of group sessions, Business workshops, personalized tutoring and business meetings to be held during the next six weeks, with the formation, technical assistance and support technicians Andalucía Emprende and consultants in organization, business projection and cooperation.

In the initial round of sessions to activate cooperation companies will present and conduct a workshop for generating ideas. Then they will create value propositions and open collaboration and connections with other businesses, to move to the third phase, with a business meeting and B2B meetings where all participants will be known and may advance cooperation options outlining models detected partnerships, in mid-October, that in the last phase will develop and strengthen.

This program is part of a series of 40 planned by the Andalusia Foundation Emprende activities across the province to stimulate entrepreneurship, competitiveness and business innovation, with support from the European Operational Programme Regional Development Fund of Andalusia 2007-2013, provided by the 80% cofinancing.