Andalucía allocated 15,5 million for emergency works to repair 78 temporary roads affected by.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has been allocated for 2013 an amount of 15,53 million euros to emergency works to condition 78 regional roads spread across Andalusia that were affected by the storms of rainfall in the past two years. All work undertaken last year, that have had a run periods ranging from two weeks to ten months, have finished, so these roads are in good condition for circulation, thus ensuring road safety.

These actions, most of which have been developed for a month, consist, generally, in cleaning firm due to the invasion of vegetation residues or elements of the roads affected by the strength of rainfall or wind, slope stabilization tasks, improvement of drainage works, correction of landslides and sinkholes, repair or reconstruction of the firm embankments damaged by erosion or landslides. The execution of these tasks, developed through public calls for companies, has led to the generation of 16.000 direct labor wages.

The proceedings were conducted in all provinces except in Huelva Andalusia, where the incidence of rainfall has not required the execution of emergency works to repair damage on the tracks. Overall, have undertaken 58 emergency works at different points along 79 roads, including many of these works the same way but different sections.

In the province of Almería, directing the Department has made Elena Cortés premises and repair various points along 15 roads, with incidence in municipalities such as Zurgena, Arboleas, Vera, Pulpí, Cuevas de Almanzora, Antas, Dalías, Las Tres Villas, o Vélez-Rubio. The tracks are the A-334, A-1101, A-352, A-350, A-327, A-350 R, A-334 R, A-370, A-332, A-1101, A-1201, A-1202, A-92, A-92N and A-358 and the budget amounts to employee 3,67 million.