Andalusia supports 80% applications to invoke the Law of Social Function of Housing and avoid eviction

Susana Díaz, President of the Junta de Andalucía.

The regulations, with 39 expropriations, is highly effective thanks to the drama chords requirements of evictions.

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing He has admitted the 80% applications submitted to invoke the Act to ensure the Social Function of Housing and avoid eviction, resulting in 152 requests that meet the requirements of Andalusian rules for the use of temporary expropriation of housing. The Law, in force since last October, and proves its high efficiency thanks to requirements and provisions that offer protection to the actual people affected by eviction process.

Thereby, of the 191 registered with the Junta de Andalucía to invoke the Law of the Social Function of Housing Applications, total 152 meet the conditions necessary to stall the eviction, being 37 cases in which it has already been initiated expropriation with its publication in the PERIMETER and two successfully culminated after passing through the Governing Council. Together are already 39 expropriations carried, distributed by province as follows: 15 Malaga, 6 in Granada, 5 Seville, 3 Cadiz, 3 Almeria, 3 Cordoba and 2 in Huelva.

Parallel, the local offices of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing finalizing other 115 records, where they are finishing collect the shipping documents prior PERIMETER, while other cases are still being addressed through the Andalusian Program in Defense Housing.

So, to 152 proceedings initiated in the autonomous community to halt eviction must be added over 3.200 evictions that has paralyzed the Program in its first year of operation, with a free public service, via prevention offices, intermediation and protection.

The Law on Social Housing Function, providing for the expropriation until three years of foreclosed homes by financial institutions to families at risk of social exclusion to avoid eviction, establishes requirements for applying this exceptional measure that has affected the property subject of the mortgage process and permanent habitual residence; that the purpose of the loan is the house payment; that eviction can generate a situation of social exclusion, accredited by the social services of municipalities, and economic conditions of the people have suffered a severe impairment and debt situation occurred regarding the conditions and circumstances under which the loan was granted.

The deterioration of family economic conditions as a reference to the effort to address the mortgage has increased by at least 1,5 and involves more than one-third of household income. People who benefit from this initiative may not exceed three times the minimum wage (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income).