AmfAR launches its delegation to the region of the Almanzora

AMFAR-Almeria strengthens its presence in the region of the Almanzora through the creation of a specific delegation to this area, born with the aim of bringing the activities of the association and provide services to these municipalities associated.

This way the Delegation of the Region of the Almanzora has its own Board of Directors, led by Remedios Perez, which will be responsible for moving the needs and problems of the members of AMFAR in the municipalities of the region and represent the interests of the same in all those forums that may be present AMFAR.

The provincial president of amfAR, worship Blanque, welcomes the establishment of this specific delegation supposed to take another step in the growth of the association and states that it is working on the implementation of different delegations to enable the association to work and reach more women, "Associationism in rural areas is a very important support for women living in smaller and remote municipalities of large nuclei, It is therefore AMFAR desire to collaborate and help these women to take advice, support and training needed both to carry out their business projects as simply being able to bond and share experiences, problems and concerns ", points.

AMFAR remember that it is a partnership with provincial character, regional and national levels and as a partner of rural women allowed to publicize and raise awareness of the role of these women in their villages, and it also works with local partners with which to create partnerships and lend power and is the necessary support in their day to day.