Almería is the second Spanish after Lugo province by the value of exports of goat milk.

The Cooperative “La Pastora” Tavern, is one of the leading companies engaged in the collection and processing of milk.

Almería is the first and the second Andalusian province of Spain by the value of milk sales abroad. Between January and February this year, only Galician province Almeria billed only for exports of milk. In the first two months of 2014, the dairy sector in Almería milk sold out (mainly goat) valued at 4,04 million, which is a 12,1% of total Spanish exports, ahead even of Asturias, as highlighted by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz.

Between January and February this year, the dairy companies Almeria exported 2,8 million kilos of milk products (goat milk and cheese), representing a volume 241% more than in the same period of 2013. By selling these products companies billed just over 4 million, almost 134% more than in the reference period, according to data compiled by Extenda, from the last report Datacomex.

Most submissions goat milk making the province of Almería have been made to France (the 96,2% of total), where this product is used in the manufacture of cheese roll. A 1,9% milk was exported to Portugal, the same percentage as in Britain.

As regards exports of cheese, the Almeria companies sold products valued at in January 1.460 euros, a 55%% less than in the first two months of last year. One hundred percent of the exported cheese was sold in Andorra.

Milk production in 2013

In 2013, the livestock sector in the province was 46,4 million liters of milk, almost 1 more than one million 2012 (45,3 liters). In this production, 41,8 million liters were goat milk, while 4,6 beef were.

The value of milk of livestock Almeria last year amounted to 29,6 million liters (26,1 million in 2012). This increase was primarily due to sales of goat milk, that exceeded 28 million (24,7 million in the previous year), while on cattle milk, el sector facturó 1,6 million (1,3 Year 2012).