Albox recovers the memory of twelve women whose biography is part of an exhibition

The event had a great turnout.

The event had a great turnout.

The town of Albox yesterday paid a heartfelt tribute to twelve women born during the twentieth century and have contributed from different dedications and responsibilities to the progress of the municipality and society in general in recent decades. Maestras, businesswomen, religious, professors, health professionals… The project launched by the Information Center for Women and the City has recovered, in some cases from oblivion, the name and surname of twelve women who have left their mark on the city in recent decades and now form part of an exhibition.

The coming-out of this project took place on Thursday in the auditorium Federico García Lorca Town Hall and was attended by nearly two hundred people, which it is a full on this scenic spot. Among those attending were some of the honorees themselves, relatives and neighbors municipality. During the event was presented to society project called 'illustrious women of Albox', which it has also had the involvement of the two public high schools in the municipality. Six students from each school were responsible for reading the biographies of women who make up this initiative, thus implying from an early age and educational way to young people in a gender equal treatment and respect for the opposite sex. Later, women who have been present in the act or the families of these, They have led the public to, after, officially proceed to the opening of the exhibition.

The sample consists of twelve panels with photograph and biography of one of the women in each and can be seen in the atrium of the City of 8:00 to 15:00 until September Monday to Friday. After, the intention of the Municipal Information Center for Women is to turn it into a traveling exhibition and closer, among other spaces, to secondary schools.

in cocnreto, women in the exhibition whose work has been recognized in this project are Ana Maria Lopez Exposito, María Dolores García de Madariaga, Adelina Cidad Gutiérrez, Carmen Romero Molina, Isabel García Oller, Pérez Natividad Tapia, Magdalena Sánchez Silvente, Carmen Ortega, Salient Perán María del Marmol, Sister Emilia González Peña, Maribel Campos Pardo Sánchez Pareja and Brigida.

The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, He has congratulated the Information Center for Women "for this initiative so valuable that serves to show and emphasize the great work that many women led and carried out in our society and it is not always recognized as it should". The mayor has encouraged the Information Center for Women to "as in this case, always have the cooperation of the City for such interesting projects focused on education and equality "