Albox launches PFEA works aimed at improving parks and streets and pavements.

Work has begun with the construction of the pavement of the street and continue for Sanctuary 10 months in many ways and neighborhoods around the town.

"The government team Albox Town Hall plans, during the next ten months, carry out a plan of beautification and infrastructure improvements. This initiative, driven by the Agricultural Development Programme Jobs (PFEA) allow, among other actions, design of pavements, steely, parks and green areas throughout the municipality ", says the Mayor, Rogelio Mena.

The Delegate Councilor Area, José Campoy, explains that the plan is composed of two projects whose works have started. The first, called 'infrastructure Paving 2014’ will allow the construction and arrangement of steely in many streets of the town; removal and repair of walls and paving of various roads albojenses. The project also includes activities such as design of source and channel tubing.

"Works, that advance the pace buen, have enabled the recent completion of the new sanctuary on the street pavements and the imminent start of work on the street Friendship. Similarly, PFEA employees are already working on the repair and beautification of gardens and green areas. These latest actions contained in the second draft prepared by the City of Albox, ‘Environmental Conditioning 2014’, which will serve as a tool for improving vegetation in places, schools and the urban green areas as well as in many neighborhoods of the municipality. Within this project cleaning tasks will be performed, clearing and planting ", Socialist mayor says.

The councilor responsible for PFEA, José Campoy, underlined the "speed and success of the first works" initiated, as has been the case of the street Sanctuary "and his new steely done within a week". A work rate will remain "steady in the coming months, changing the face of much of our town ", He added Campoy.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, stressed that management PFEA by the Consistory "is developing more efficient way" after the non-renewal of the agreement with the Provincial de Almería last June.

Once the City Council has been responsible for the planning of projects on which to act, albojense Mayor stressed the "excellent relations from the technical point of view with the Public Service of Employment, well as the Andalusian Employment Service, addition to the collaboration of the Andalusian Regional Government and to finance the costs of materials, that have allowed the implementation of these ambitious projects, so necessary for our town of Albox and make an even more livable town ".