Albox keep personnel and 110 daycare spaces of the Religious of Jesus and Mary after his departure


Following the request of the sisters to assign this service to the City at the end of this school year, the Consistory is committed to receive services and keeping teachers 110 places for children of the nursery. Albox City Council appoint Adoptive Daughter sisters all belonging to the congregation of Sisters of Jesus and Mary who have gone through the town. The reason that the albojense Government has taken this decision is none other than the incomparable work of the members of this group have been made on behalf of children, youth and families who have needed their help along the nearly four decades of stay in the city.

The help that the Sisters of Jesus and Mary have given thousands of people, paying particular attention to the neighborhood of La Loma and the Tejeras Street and its surroundings was only an expression of solidarity in the recent history of Albox. The appointment comes at a course that will end with the decision to regroup the congregation of sisters in big cities, so they have applied to the City of Albox to take the helm of the childcare provided, to which the City Council has responded positively ensuring that keep jobs and the philosophy of tolerance, humanity, closeness and respect for others lavished by sisters.