Maura Hillen, Councilwoman Albox.
Maura Hillen, Councilwoman Albox.

Residents and visitors of Albox have a new bilingual tourist street that will allow them to locate businesses and attractions of the town albojense. El documento ha sido publicado gracias al trabajo y a la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Albox y de varias empresas y comercios del municipio.

The street offers a brief history of Albox which can be read in both Spanish and English. Do not forget that in Albox a large number of citizens of British origin is stated that, also, often they receive visits from family and acquaintances from other foreign countries. The language is no longer a problem for them or for any citizen who wants to visit the town and stroll through its streets and shop in their stores through this bilingual street.

The publication also contains the map on the reverse of the municipality with its corresponding legend to read and properly interpret and an index of streets, equipment and local companies.

The Councillor for Tourism, responsible for its preparation, Maura Hillen, It noted that this publication is directed principalmanete "visitors and new residents" in order to "facilitate mobility and knowledge of our town, and promote the good image of Albox as it is, an ideal place to live, visiting or shopping ".

The albojense Consistory planned distribution 10.000 ejemplares que se repartirán a la población y que se podrán localizar en emplazamientos simbólicos o de frecuente asistencia como tales como edificios públicos, iglesias, accommodations, businesses and associations.