Albox guarantees Municipal Service Summer School at reduced prices and the Food Guarantee Program.

Service Summer School Municipal, which it is funded from the Council of Almería and elsewhere from the City of Albox, this year has exceeded enrollment figures from previous years, with a level of reserve places it reaches the 90% today and estimated cover 100% in short of total 140 places available, children of 3 a 13 years enjoy pool, excursions, workshops and Catering Service.

On the other hand, Food Guarantee Program, funded by the Andalusian, ensures a healthy and free to families with minor children and low-income food. The City Council possible food needs of children from families with limited resources cover incorporating the Social Guarantee Programme for Food, so that the child population that benefits from the cafeteria in the school months, continue to do so in the summer months.

Yet, the Municipal Service Summer School of Albox and Social Guarantee Food Programme have been targeted by demagogic attacks by the Popular Party, which distorts and misrepresents reality trying to erode, without success, the work of the government team, It has always been the most vulnerable as one of its top priorities. It focuses on the false allegation that there is a Summer School in Albox Municipal and calls for a cafeteria for the summer months, selfishly ignoring that this municipality has a Social Guarantee Food Program that provides meals for a total of 87 Users with limited resources in the municipality and that summer joined boys and girls, for the holiday period, do not eat lunch in the school dining.

If there is one trait that characterizes the current government in the city of Albox is social sensitivity, having launched services such as Social Guarantee Food Program funded by the Government of Andalusia and the Municipal Summer School, funded by the Provincial Government and the City of Albox, to be managed by a social institution as the Association of Persons with Disabilities "The Ledge", that will manage 10 Summer schools in the province of Almeria and has extensive experience in education.

With funding from the County Council and the City Council have been established Albox reduced prices. The design of the food was prepared by a nutritionist, to ensure they have the necessary nutritional intake. It is the only summer school in the area with the school meal service.

Recreational and educational methodology

Children who arrive each morning from July to the Summer School Bilingual Albox Municipal enjoy workshops Sports Games balance and accuracy, body language, sack-race, volleyball, football competitions, basketball or speed tests to promote the sport as a means of free time occupation, in the holiday period, and they work also various activities related to motor coordination, speed and endurance.

Painting on canvas, shirts decoration, sculpture and crafts from recycled materials are the protagonists of the art workshop to promote creativity through image, perceptions or experiences of the students participating in the Summer School.

It promises to be just as fun Fun Science Workshop, where children will enjoy optical illusions, experiments with invisible ink or fingerprints, magic sticks or lava lamps, to teach research techniques, simple experiments and respect and care for the environment.

Musical expression and dance to develop the body and expressive language of children work in the Music and Dance Workshop, buzzes with children, funky, hip hop y break dance, and own choreography as the main theme of the movie "Grease".

A series of activities taking as a guideline the ESL. And is that learning the language is encouraged through play and daily activities transversely, for children to learn the language naturally, almost effortlessly.