Albox handing keys of the new headquarters of the Spanish Association Against Cancer Township.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, along with members of the municipal government has delivered to the local president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) María Sáez, keys of the new association headquarters in the town. The new facility chosen by the AECC in Albox for its work are located in the Market Square and were provided by the City of Albox.

The new site offers members of the association a place to develop their important social work in the town. Local delivery by the City albojense the AECC enables the Local Board of Albox can replan initiatives, events and activities to carry out their important help sick, family and neighbors throughout the city as historically been made from this association.

The first mayor albojense, Rogelio Mena, He reminded the members of the association "the willingness of the City of Albox to collaborate with you in everything that you may need" and praised the remarkable presence of young people within the association in Albox.

The association thanked the cooperation of the City of Albox, its Mayor and Councillor for Culture, Francisco Carrillo, who has worked in recent weeks with the new Local Board for choosing the most suitable premises to the needs of the AECC. The new president of the association, María Sáez thanked City Council members albojense for your quick collaboration, as he wished, expected to remain permanently in time.

"Congratulations on this initiative and congratulations on the force with which you have begun this project and have so many young albojenses involved because it is something that guarantees the future of the association and the associations in our town", Rogelio Mena said addressing members of the AECC of Albox present at the event. AECC members have made an appeal to all the neighbors to join this project and help them grow to an association that has historically been one of the engines of the albojense social life and has been a great help for the sick and family of the town.