City Council supports non Albox demolitions but does not share that should compensate the families.

Albox Town Council welcomes the decision of the judge of the Criminal Court Number 2 Almeria to reject a recent ruling house demolitions in the municipality. "The mayor and council will defend all citizens of the municipality irrespective of their nationality to their homes is not tear down", manifests the socialist alderman, Rogelio Mena, "Although this risk demolition is a direct consequence of the disastrous planning policies that the Popular Party took place in the town", recalls mayor.

In return, Hall has shown his disappointment with the judicial decision that is the City Council who must compensate those affected, and owners of homes built in the year 2004, under the mandate of the municipal People's Party . "This is the tragic legacy left us by the PP in Albox. He took us to ruin in the past and we want to bring to ruin in the future. It is unacceptable that we have to pay the consequences of the disastrous management of the PP. We will initiate appropriate action to be the real perpetrators who pay for their disastrous leadership of the City Council years ago ", warns the mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena.

The sentence appeared today in the media with regard perplexing to pay compensation by not existed demolition of buildings. "No one can understand you have to pay for something that has not happened", added the Mayor. Conclusion, Mena remember that it is the current government team which is "an inherited problem solving and using all legal means the City Council to address the situation of this type of construction, of which the City has not had any income has been responsible ".