Albox an urgent summons to lift a full complaint against a suspected extortionists.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena (PSOE), has called on Saturday for holding an extraordinary and urgent with full intention to adopt that stands by the ruler himself on behalf of the City a complaint in court against the perpetrators of alleged crimes of extortion, threats and coercion among villagers.

La iniciativa que llevará el equipo de gobierno al pleno señala que desde el Ayuntamiento “are not going to consent to alleged extortion, threats and coercion to merchants and restaurateurs, of which he has read through part of the affected”, as said in a note.

“This corporation stands as driving and complainant in the courts of the facts that has learned” for “show that should not outweigh the pressure and coercion in our town but freedom and the right to live peacefully and without any social alarm as that is living these days in our town”, He said the Mayor.

For the government of Albox, the decision that is the City denouncing the answers to these alleged facts “duty to report that it has” at the knowledge “offenses” by any citizen but “especially and primarily in his capacity as an advocate Corporation neighbors”.

Also, in their arguments to take legal action on behalf of albojenses, He stressed that “the main objective is to improve assistance to victims of the alleged crimes and inform them of the rights and services available”.

Along with this action from the municipal level, under the principle set out in the preamble to that same “without security there is no freedom and no democracy without freedom”, has also been claimed to own that company albojense “facilitate complaints and avoid infringement of fundamental rights from citizens active safety” which may be exercised.

From the local government have also pointed out that the ultimate purpose of this action is “recover the hospitable spirit of the town” and “eradicating our peaceful population attitudes encroach coexistence, maim rights and becomes a victim of crime to the community”.

The city has decided to press charges against criminals who operate in the town and have frightened the neighbors. Algunos de ellos pertenecen a un clan muy conocido en la comarca. La medida ha sido aprobada por unanimidad. The complaint will be presented this week and in the meantime will be ordering some precautionary measures.

También se va a solicitar el alejamiento de los establecimientos de la localidad así como la prohibición de residir en el municipio. Las actuaciones del ayuntamiento han sido acordadas con la consejería de justicia y la subdelegación del gobierno.