Albox hires 53 young people through the program 'emple @ Young’ Board.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, He has received the 53 youth of the town who have been hired by the City through the Youth Employment Plan conducted by the Andalusian. In the event that occurred last Friday in the auditorium of the Consistory albojense, Socialist councilor welcomed them and moved them to his "joy" for having been given this "wonderful opportunity that will be inserted into the working world, as demanded by all ".

"It is wonderful to see the excitement in each of these people have found a job thanks to the investment of the Andalusian, that in the event will receive Albox 241.000 euros to carry out this program that is so necessary ", He said the mayor, that has advanced to the City "will continue to make more contracts until April next year to give the opportunity to work year young, up to the 102 contracts we have planned ".

Improving public spaces, parkland and promotion

The Youth Employment Plan of the Andalusian became operational on 31 October, and beneficiaries are aged 18 and 29 years who have a contract up to six months. For Albox, projects in which it has based its contracts are for local services, cleaning, monitoring and upgrading of urban public spaces; development, protection and maintenance of green areas and promoting tourism and sport.

"Given the employment profiles of these young, in the City of Albox we hired an environmental technician, Technical tourist information, horticulture and landscaping laborers, building construction laborers, Painters, empapeladores, cleaners, cultural animators, Rescuers, technical safety and health at work, monitors education and leisure, sports coaches, etc. "explained Rogelio Mena, noting that "we have tried to offer the broadest possible to give an opportunity to a greater number of boys and girls in our town".

On the other hand, Mayor wants to remember the discrimination by the Central Government of the People's Party to Andalusia, because it does not grant the claimed Extraordinary Employment Plan, as it has done with other communities that have less unemployment rate, having to pay for programs such as the Youth Employment Andalusian own funds, required by the central government "that is left of alleged corruption and dedicated to create jobs".