Albox celebrate the 'International Day Against Gender Violence’ with briefings.

Albox is pioneering initiatives such as the program of talks at schools against digital harassment and gender violence.

The Center for Women's Hall of Albox by the Andalusian Institute of Women (NOW) of the Andalusian have organized the activities taking place on Tuesday 25 November, 'International Day Against Gender Violence'. To this day, the auditorium Federico García Lorca Hall will host from the 17:30 hours a briefing to address the 'Resources violence, current situation and judicial proceedings'. The invited speakers are the coordinator of AMI in Almería, Francisca Serrano Dueñas, and legal advisor to the Municipal Information Center for Women, Francisca Cano Rodrigo.

The objective of this Information Day is to raise awareness about domestic violence and, for this, will be attended various professional, who will speak about the reality that exists in our society, and the various ways to end this violence from a legal point of view. Throughout the year, Albox City Council turns in the fight against this social evil.

The mayor of Albox, Rogelio Mena, explained that "real equality between men and women is a priority for this team socialist government and, very special way, It is also the theme of each and every one of the policies being promoted ". For his part, Councillor Gender and Equality, Ana Belén Trinidad, He added that "the purpose of these briefings is to sensitize the population on the need to combat any manifestation of direct or indirect discrimination. However, from the Department of Equality worked all year on this subject from different areas and we are always available to our neighbors and neighbors'.

These conferences, that are part of the celebration of 'International Day Against Gender Violence', part, turn, municipal proposals that are held throughout the year and whose main mission is to act for and equality. Proof of this is the initiative launched last year by the Bureau of Police Coordination against Gender Violence in Albox. For the first time a program of talks aimed at children and adolescents against this type of violence and digital bullying in schools and colleges of the town was planned.