Albox celebrates' Personal Development Workshop’ female.

Albox women are the target of the next 'Personal Development Workshop’ the City Council albojense, through the Center for Women Information, will be launched in collaboration with the Andalusian Institute for Women of the Andalusian. The classes of this workshop will begin next day 8 May, in hours 17.00 a 19.00 hours. However, people interested in acquiring more information may do so within the Centre for Women Information, located on Calle Rosario number 27, or by calling 950 120 908.

Is a group therapy, through which a meeting and work is generated. The primary objective of this workshop is that women gain personal autonomy and confidence to overcome a problem. Classes facilitate group cohesion as a therapeutic tool to enhance, thereby, and learning new habits that will be acquired. The methodology is completely practical, proposing all kinds of dynamics and activities to learn in a fun and entertaining way. Participants will learn to watch your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Moreover, The workshop is taught by professionals who are experts in this genre and, also, have great knowledge and experience in the diversity of the needs and potential of women. This training initiative is open to all women who are interested in working as self-esteem issues, Techniques for making decisions, Relaxation, stereotypes and gender roles, self-awareness and empowerment of women, inter alia.

Councillor for Gender Equality and the City of Albox, Ana Belén Trinidad, It has been argued that "this training proposal is within the range of activities that the Centre for Women Information area and Gender Equality organized throughout the year. We will continue working on this line, since one of our challenges is to provide training, among other resources, women from Albox. We are aware that the way to definitively overcome inequalities is long, but poco a poco we are moving forward ".

Recall that this extensive program-organized by the Consistory albojense- must add the activities that are part of the information campaigns, awareness and prevention.