The town of Albox has welcomed Friday the commemoration of the Day Against Gender Violence organized by the Provincial de Almería. Albox has been the place chosen for this honor because this was where the province lost the first victim of sexist violence 2018.

The events started in the room Federico García Lorca City Council Albox, where it is projected the short film 'Youtubers for equality', as he explained by the Diputación de Almería in a statement. its director, Sara Gallardo, He has had a meeting with students and neighbors in which they discussed how to deal with gender violence in adolescence and youth through social networks.

The short film uses a direct current message and to help identify macho attitudes, besides giving advice to try to avoid them used the world 'influencers’ y ‘youtubers’ as a thread.

Second Vice President and Deputy Provincial Social Welfare, Equality and Family, angel Escobar, He has participated in events on Friday by the deputy mayor of the municipality, José Campoy, members of the municipal corporation and residents of Albox who have taken to the streets to call for unity and justice against gender violence.

Escobar highlighted the joint work they have to do administrations to combat terrorist violence, as, although “every 25-N institutions, associations, entities and the general public, support to combat violence against women campaigns, It remains a drag, a pending issue in the free society in which we live”.

“We can not allow the mere fact of being a woman being abused, stalked or vejadas. We want all women to know they are not alone, denouncing, never keep silent and are not accomplices of fear”, has added.

Escobar has also asked his almerienses “implication” for “eradicate, at once, this scourge”. As for this day, the Head of Equality has stated that “It is a day that should disappear from the calendar because it represents the failure of society and institutions. We have to work for gender violence go away and do it in all areas, because unfortunately abuse, It is not just physical, It occurs in many more aspects”.

At 12,00 hours, Albox neighbors have begun a march through the streets of the town, in a silence that was only broken with the reading of the manifesto in which Escobar has underlined the reasons behind “The violence culture”, where “It is necessary and essential to have the necessary complicity of all, citizens and institutions, to condemn, reject and isolate behaviors, attitudes and sexist comments”.

Source: EuropaPress