Agriculture for the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

The CEO of Active Employment Policies, Jose Antonio Amate, was here by the territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Adriana Valverde, and the mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa, Center Under this county to see first hand the company's employment, Insert Integration and Training, S. L., launched by the center to facilitate the reintegration into society of young inmates through employment.

The director of the Center for Children Oria, Manuel Madrid, explained to the responsible regional center Purchena Andalusia is the only project of developing a job placement of these features. Also, have been informed that 63 young people have worked in this company have reviewed insertion and its evolution since its inception in 2008, and the various activities that have been developed since then in collaboration with municipalities and businesses in the Comarca del Almanzora, como limpieza, gardening, maintenance, Contract, forestry and home help. The young inmates come Purchena Center Children Oria and transferred to the first by his attitude and ability to work.

Now, Insert Integration and Training develops a new farming activity and marketing of horticultural products. Young workers are responsible, accompanied by educators, preparing the land, plant, watering and harvesting fruits and vegetables, as potatoes, onions, watermelons, lettuce, olives, oranges, limones o tomates, plots provided by residents of the municipalities in the county. Also, select and prepare the products in a warehouse located in the Center for Children for later sale in school canteens, homes and businesses across the province.

El director general de Políticas Activas de Empleo ha destacado “la extraordinaria labor social” que realiza el Centro de Menores de Oria a través de Inserta Integración y Formación “porque no sólo está proporcionando empleo a decenas de jóvenes en situación de exclusión, but is also giving them training, work experience and values ​​as the effort that will help them to integrate into society as full citizens, overcoming the situations that have led to them being internal ".

Also, José Antonio Amate explained that the Andalusian invest 1,75 million euros to promote the social integration of groups at risk of social exclusion through integration companies, as accessed by the CEO. The program has four lines of incentives, which will be awarded on a competitive basis. The deadline for submission of applications was completed in April and is in the process of studying them.

For his part, territorial delegate Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, has stressed the importance of providing people at risk of social exclusion, and in this case youth serving court orders in juvenile, "A path for their reintegration into society through employment, that in addition to economic independence, provides the values, self-esteem and help them to develop as individuals ".