Guadalinfo agents in Almeria Olula del Río improve their training strategies Smart Cities

Conference held in Olula.

Conference held in Olula.

The Guadalinfo Network is among the objectives of its Strategic Plan (PEG 2016-2020) fighting the digital divide in rural areas and raise awareness among citizens the Smart Region conceptfrom its almost 800 centers (in all municipalities of less than 20.000 people, in local autonomies and cities of more than 20.000 people, in neighborhoods at risk of social exclusion). Centers of Andalusian social innovation network offer citizens access and ICT training, and encourage participation and development of smart solutions, that meet individual or community needs through technology

For this purpose, Guadalinfo develops a training plan for the entire network, which will consist of 50 face workshops in 8 Andalusian provinces and a course in online mode (mooc). The Local Innovation Agents front of 777 Red Guadalinfo centers (91 in the province of Almería) They will expand their training strategies to further promote Smart Cities learning, citizen participation and the development of social innovation projects based on the use of intelligent solutions to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Smart habitat in the Andalusian regions: success stories and evolution

The Guadalinfo Center Olula River He hosted yesterday this day 5 hours, to be held in the coming weeks Pechina,Taverns, Canjáyar, Huércal de Almería and Vera. In each one of them 15 Guadalinfo agents know Almería strategic lines, success stories and evolution of intelligent solutions applied to local areas. (Click here for dates and locations of the workshops by provinces). Knowledge that will help them understand the needs and concerns Smart solutions that can meet; assume the capacity of creativity in local collaborative projects; and become familiar with social triggers that contribute to innovation and citizen proactivity. The AIL will study the extent to Andalusian society of this concept with the ultimate goal of the Andalusians themselves are the power of digital change. Guadalinfo Red and encourages the empowerment of citizens in the use of technology to search for better sustainability and socio-economic revitalization of the region.

citizen approach to technology

In this same course of promoting the transformation and evolution of Andalusian villages to the Smart City environment and parallel to the training plan for AIL, the Guadalinfo Network also organizes between November and December, actions aimed at citizens. The "Learning Workshops Technology Smart Cities" consist of 14 attendance days in the eight Andalusian provinces. They are intended for any audience and offer the opportunity to prove that the technology is available to everyone, to contact, manage and become familiar with real applications and hardware environment Smart.