Environmental agents confiscated more than 130 kilos of chanterelles collected illegally in Bacares

Environmental agents seized the Board during the last weekend 133 kilos of wild mushrooms that had been collected illegally in the public forest 'El Conde', in the municipality of Bacares. The performance was conducted by the special monitoring and control device launched by the Delegation of Environment and Spatial Planning to avoid uncontrolled and abusive mushrooming in the mountains of Almería.

The Board authorized, through a resolution published in the BOJA last 19 September, the collection of small amounts of fungi in the forest land in the province so that in no case shall exceed five kilos per person per day and whenever mushrooms are for their own consumption. Mycological to control this activity and report on the conditions under which it may take, the Board has teams of professionals integrated by agents of the Environment, Attached police and Seprona and distributed by Los Filabres, the stays, Sierra Nevada and Los Vélez.

Its functions include mushroom pickers monitor the main enclaves of the province, inform collectors of existing legislation and resolve their doubts about the matter, prevent abusive practices and intercept those who violate the conditions of this type of collection.

Failure to comply with the legislation constitutes an administrative offense resulting in the opening of the relevant disciplinary proceedings and the seizure of illegally harvested mushrooms. Mushroom picking apart the current regulations and without authorization is defined as a minor offense in the Law of Flora and Fauna and penalties can result in fines of up to 601 euros.

Guidelines for collection

As it stated in the resolution governing this type of activity mycological, collection can not alter the topsoil so the use of tools is expressly prohibited as rakes, escardillas, hoes and other tools that remove litter the ground causing damage to the mycelium of fungi, that would prevent the emergence of new specimens in the following seasons.

Nor harvesting immature mushrooms is permitted, so they must be respected nonfood, which are not known or are to be collected to be spoiled or past, because they all play a useful ecological function.

Also, It is forbidden to pick mushrooms at night and, therefore, It is not allowed the use of flashlights or other artificial light sources. For depositing mushrooms, baskets or other transport elements that allow aeration and dispersion of spores are used.

citizen cooperation

The delegate of Environment and Spatial Planning, Raúl Enríquez, He stressed that "have intensified the usual controls in areas where it is producing greater mycological production to ensure persistence and ability to regenerate mushrooms in these areas and to maintain a favorable state environment in general ".