AEPA and 'Fraternity’ signed an agreement to improve the prevention of accidents in the Almanzora.

The agreement between the institutions will allow many medium and small businesses access to services such as medical examination.

Many companies in the region of Almanzora may provide services for the first time as necessary as the medical examination of workers. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Albox, Almanzora Valley (AEPA) It has reached an agreement with prevention society 'Fraternity-Muprespa’ that will lower the costs of SMEs in multiple services with the only requirement to be part of this business community. An agreement that small and medium enterprises will benefit Albox and Almanzora Valley, which now have more ways than ever for the prevention of occupational hazards, higiene industrial, ergonomics and health surveillance of workers.

Self-employed and companies associated with SEPA will thus benefit from a discount on the base price that the company offers in the market. This agreement was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the two parties, They have signed an agreement which includes services such as counseling for garment enterprises prevention plan, the annual preparation of a preventive activities, information workers identified risks, implementation of emergency measures, Inspections of work or preparation of the annual report, inter alia.

Companies Albox Almanzora Valley and can thus access more benefits that once they get more savings on your bills. For the president of AEPA, Martin Martos, This service benefits for associated enterprises is "a great opportunity for many companies and freelancers who otherwise could not access these essential services to every business in these times".

In this sense, Martos adds that the agreement between SEPA and 'Fraternity’ It is "a unique opportunity for companies of our area, eligible for savings on something as important and essential as the prevention of occupational hazards in their work and also to improve their competitiveness ".

The agreement also provides companies in the area provide different courses for staff of companies. Thereby, AEPA companies may have more advantages than the other courses on health and safety risks at work, fire prevention and emergency plans and evacuation and first aid. The agreement signed at the headquarters of the Association of Businessmen and Professionals of Albox-Valle del Almanzora also facilitate the recognition of medical service workers. Fundamental to the welfare of employees in companies in the area and for the proper operation thereof.

Partners and companies not yet part of AEPA can request more information on this agreement and other agreements that lower costs for companies in sectors such as telecommunications or occupational hazards in the association headquarters at Calle Rosario or phone 950 43 15 71.