AEPA Celebrates Success Program to Promote Sustainable Construction and seeks new funds to the Andalusian.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Albox, Almanzora Valley (AEPA) think you need to allocate new funds to boost aid Program to Promote Sustainable Construction of the Andalusian. Incentives of this plan from the business association is considered a success due to the speed with which they have spent aid, have been exhausted this week in the province of Almería. AEPA counts among its partners with a large number of business partners with this program that directly benefits businesses and encourage investment in the construction sector.

De facto, fifty entrepreneurs gathered last week at the facilities of the Center for Entrepreneurial Development week (CADE) Albox convened by the Association of Albox, Almanzora Valley (AEPA) for information on the Programme to Promote Sustainable Construction of the Andalusian.

The meeting, he went to the delegate of Economy, Adriana Valverde and Chief of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Territorial Delegation, Luis Díaz de Quijano, served for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Albox and the Almanzora report on funds directed to support rehabilitation, reform or appropriateness of use and efficient installations from the energy point of view, looking up 48 fundable actions and that this week has come to an end.

The business community, represented by SAAP, could instantly transmit your questions about this program at an event which was also attended by president of the business association, Martin Martos Cerdán. "Although the program has been very successful so driven by the Board has been an important support for companies in the construction, funds are exhausted in record time in our province, As in other areas of Andalusia. So we request new funds in the coming months for reviving an industry as battered by the economic crisis in our region such as construction ", He said the president of AEPA, Martin Martos Cerdán.

"One goal of our association is to serve as a link between our traders and businessmen and governments to provide them with information about opportunities that may arise and benefit them", He added the association president.

Martos Cerdán recalled that "AEPA doors are open every day for all those traders, self-employed or entrepreneurs who want to ask any questions related to your business or on the many benefits accruing to automatically become members of our association ".


As reported by the Regional Government, the program includes two types of actions: the first is to adapt energy works buildings to improve thermal performance and / or natural lighting conditions. Renovation and installation of windows or skylights are included, awnings and other shading elements, enclosure or glazed roof terraces, the implementation of innovative solutions or bioclimatic facades soils or removing obstacles to the passage of natural light, inter. The minimum investment will be 500 euros and percentage fixed between the 60 and 80% cost.

Moreover, reps works to provide efficient buildings or installations of renewable energy systems that allow savings in the generation, distribution and use of energy, as the installation of solar thermal energy to heat water or generate electricity, geothermal facilities or small wind, biomass boilers and pellet stoves, or replacement of water heaters and HVAC equipment with more efficient. It will cover between a 40 and 90% investment cost, whose minimum is 400 euros.