AENOR certification renews' The Ledge’ by its management system in their centers.

The prestigious certification body AENOR just ratified the effectiveness of the Management System of Quality Association of People with Disabilities "The Boss" because of the satisfactory results of the audit that recently took place and resulted in the renewal of the certificate quality for a period of 3 years old, but will be reviewed annually.

A team of auditors visited the Association AENOR "The Boss" and toured some of the properties that this entity managed in different parts of the province of Almería, to verify and certify that the work is done following all the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and of course the rules that apply to each center.

The Association has been maintaining and expanding the scope of the certificate certifying compliance with the requirements of this regulation, continuously since 2005 through the annual audits of maintenance and renovation.

This shows that "The Boss" works in the best quality and guarantees numerous checks at all centers managed, whose type meets centers for people with disabilities, centers for older people, child protection centers and centers of first cycle of Infant Education.

The scope of this certification whose validity extends until January 2017, currently affecting the following activities and centers:

  • Management of child protection centers (with or without physical and mental disabilities or developmental disorders):
    • CPM Diego Navarro
    • CPM Aguadulce
  • Managing day-stay units for elderly or under 65 years with limitations that make them carry out the basic activities of daily living.
    • UED Hogar II
    • UED Minerva
    • UED Manuela Cortés
  • Center management junior childhood education. (Children Schools and Early Childhood Centres).
    • EI Albox (Albox)
    • CEI Almeragua (The Parador)
    • Ei Explained (Pechina)
    • EI Dumbo (Huercal de Almeria)
    • EI Mirador (Benhadux)
    • CIS Park (Huercal de Almeria)
    • A Turre (Tower)
    • EI UAL (University of Almería)
    • EI Viator (Viator)
  • Managing occupational centers of people aged 16 and 65 years with physical and / or mental.
    • UED y CO Albox
  • Residential Management for People with Disabilities severely affected.
    • Residence Personas with Disabilities Severely Affected Francisco Perez Miras (Albox)


Importance of Quality

A System of Quality Management is a way of working, whereby a company, the entity, ensures the satisfaction of customer needs, for which planning, maintains and continuously improve the performance of their processes, under a system of efficiency and effectiveness that allows you to achieve competitive advantage.

Management systems are implemented based on internationally recognized standards. In the case of Quality Management Systems is the reference standard ISO 9001:2008, which sets out requirements that must be met, One of the principles is to achieve customer satisfaction.

The Association of People with Disabilities "The Boss", concienciada of the need to invest in a rotunda by an improvement in the quality of service delivery and keep users and satisfied customers in regards to delivery and management of these, chose to implement a Quality Management System in the organization ago 9 years old.

Thereby, not only work procedures are unified in the near 20 centers managed by this entity, but it also provides the company facing a guarantee of controlled and guaranteed work excellence.