EEA calls elections to choose a new president in September.

The members of the current board headed by its president, Antonio Martinez Martinez, I have agreed to follow the provisions of Article 27 statutes convene all partners, voting, to participate in the celebration of the Extraordinary General Assembly, next 15 September, where the new president will be elected.

The first call to be associated with the 19.30 hours and a second at 20.00 hours. The order of the day is planned in the first place, the report of the outgoing president, in second place, Presentation of programs and projects of the new candidates for president and finally, the election of new board for conclusion of the mandate of the current.

The regulation reflects the General Assembly and elections will be held subject to applicable statutes and will have voice and vote all members or representatives of firms of the full rights and obligations associative, be current in the payment of fees and, at least, 6 months old in his capacity as partner.

Also, shall be allowed representation or proxy, in line with Article 24, with writing and special paper for the purpose of the call.

As for candidacies must submit complete and closed endorsed with the signature of a 5% of the voting members until fifteen days before the date set for the elections, namely, before 14 hour 30 August 2.015.

Each member may endorse one candidate. Nominations shall include all charges and the bylaws contain the acceptance of the candidates and the signature of the partners that support, stating the name and D.N.I.

In all the leaves that are used for collecting signatures must contain the complete list of supported application. Only eligible applications meeting the requirements. Applications meeting all requirements will be proclaimed within two days after designated as limit the presentation.

Fifteen days before the date set for the elections, will be exposed in the bulletin board of the association, an alphabetical list of shareholders entitled to vote, providing that list to the presidential candidates at their request.

Candidates who wish, Auditors may bring to the act of acreditándolos scrutiny at the head of the table.

After scrutiny, which will take place at the end of the vote, the most voted candidate will be proclaimed, which will be sworn in as new board within 15 following days.

Antonio Martinez, after its mandate ends 3 years leading EEA, She is feeling lucky to have worked for the district since the association and showing your disposal a person to continue its work, wishing for this new journey thrilled, work and above all, fight for the welfare and interests of the region.