EEA Annual General Meeting held to inform their partners.

The employers' association Marble Andalucía recently held its Ordinary General Assembly object to disclose, the work being carried out in recent months. The first item on the day the report was detailed by President Antonio Martinez, who told attendees signing agreements that allow for associated savings that have been carried out to date, Endesa eg, Vodafone, Axa, monitoring company, courier companies, Suimasa, Andalusian Energy Agency, Port of Almeria ...

There have also been several conferences (product packaging, tax news, labor reform, SEPA rules, forms of access to international markets, day with ICEX, among others ...). It also plans to hold other September to topics such as digital marketing and social networks, as public speaking, day with the Santander bank, among others ...

In training matters continue teaching courses such as English, risk prevention, recycling ... so any subject that requires the associated. It has also been negotiated with the company Almerimatik to use its digital platform and to offer courses in online mode.

In promoting, Brand Macael Foundation has recently participated in the Third International Congress of Architects in Pamplona. The next scheduled actions that are being worked to promote the brand online so Macael, add banner in prestigious architectural firms, update the foundation website, search engine optimization and enhance lectures in various developing countries right now.

It has also been informed of the decision carried out with Extenda, on the conclusion of the V International Meeting of the Stone, to be matched in the week of Macael Awards in November.

On the other hand there has been talk of management by EEA for those members who want to regain health cent or the possibility of recovering the 85% tax on electricity.

Other issues mentioned were the Protected Geographical Indication, deployment of Fiber Optics in the polygon Macael, the proposed restoration of the castle courtyard Vélez, the declaration of the zone of interest Artisan, resumption of work on the highway, Soria delivery report to the Minister on his visit to the area, the call for aid to industrial investment, PORMIAN, inter alia.

The second point was that relating to the financial year 2013 which was broken by the secretary general of EEA, José Pastor, and had the approval of all attendees.

Topics covered after the report of the president were the sectoral collective agreement, the status of the guarantees restoration continues working with the Administration and Macael Awards whose organization is already working and where it is located within open for nominations by companies.