Awarded the change of illumination of historic Seron.

The company Electromur SL has been awarded to carry out the 'Enhancement of installation and energy efficiency of street lighting in the historic center of Seron' project, after Tuesday Recruitment table will score the tenders submitted by the five who have attended this contest public.

This project is promoted by the city of Seron with a budget of 231.313,28 €; included in the Special Plan for Improvement, Conservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historical Downtown (their degraded areas and endowments and property of their cultural heritage and other adjacent streets of the town center)

With the initiative out is to bring change to LED street lighting system; that will allow the council savings 50.000 annual euros, to be completed in the rest of the municipality with a new amount of 300.000 euros.

For this action the council has asked the Andalusian Energy Agency a grant program 'Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia', whose amount will range from 60 and 80% of total activity.

The purpose of this project is the replacement and renewal of lighting devices installed in the core of Seron, with a view to current regulatory compliance on public lighting installations, reducing light intrusion, contribution to obtaining a top quality night sky and get energy savings that will result in improved energy efficiency of public lighting service in the municipality.

At Present, service existing street lighting in the historical district, presents older than 30 years old, so it is essential a total makeover so that a system is implemented according to the age and historical value of Old Seron, to avoid the unsightly current monochromatic light and, turn, provide significant energy savings ", argues the mayor and councilor of Public Works, Juan Antonio Lorenzo.