Adif High Speed ​​urges Sacyr to start the construction of section Pulpí-Cuevas del Almanzora

Tunnels AVE.

Tunnels AVE.
Tunnels AVE.

Adif High Speed ​​urges the company Sacyr Construction S.A., to initiate the construction of section Pulpí-Cuevas del Almanzora, in the province of Almería. Sacyr was awarded last year this stretch belonging to the high-speed line Murcia-Almería, Mediterranean Corridor.

The start of work had to be postponed conditioned on the provision of the necessary land, pending expropriations processing as well as an agreed action with the Government of Andalusia to collect copies of existing Tortuga Mora, within an environmental calendar that would allow the collection of specimens.

At the moment the expropriation process of the land needed for the construction of this section that runs through the towns of Pulpí and Cuevas del Almanzora is completed and the contractor can begin work.

In this sense Adif High Speed ​​urges the contractor to undertake the work of that section.

To meet the environmental requirements of the Environmental Impact Statement and the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, the first actions referred to in the works of section Pulpí-Cuevas del Almanzora be the perimeter fence and the collection and transfer of copies of thighed tortoise. These operations are carried out with the collaboration of specialists in the field, following the instructions of the Territorial Delegation of Almería of the Ministry of Environment.

Adif High Speed ​​is studying other hand and in collaboration with the Ministry of Development and the Andalusian, reducing the area required relocation of Tortuga Mora, which it requires the expropriation of a series of land in compliance with the Compensatory Measures Project Mediterranean High Speed ​​Corridor.

This project affects a number of agricultural areas and occupied homes and farms, so that they are studying the effects on buildings and farms, with the aim of to minimize. the condition owners, guaranteeing the adopted environmental measures.