Agreement 'in extremis' to change the Criminal Code to prevent demolition without compensation.

The Secretary General of the PSOE in Almería and socialist candidate to the Parliament of Andalusia, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, He expressed his satisfaction after the Senate has approved this afternoon an amendment of the Criminal Code that will enable judges to suspend the demolition of illegal housing if their owners have not received the compensation due to them. "Perseverance of the PSOE has made it possible to be given a solution to the owners of these homes", Sanchez noted Teruel, recalling that has been the PSOE Almería, by Senator Fuensanta Coves, which has led to the Senate the solution to this problem and that, in the last week, has made a final offensive to reclaim a political pact, through the call for special sessions in the municipalities of the province and the Provincial.

Sánchez Teruel has held that the senators of the Popular Party have decided 'in extremis' join the amendment of the Criminal Code, a debate and vote who has not attended the PP candidate for President of the Junta de Andalucía and Senator Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla nor Javier Arenas, who "in his absence, have shown that the problems of the people they care a damn "and" should return the salary for not going to work, As would happen to any worker who fails to their work ".

The socialist leader has held that the PSOE "has managed to drag the consensus PP offered to him from the beginning and who have been denying all the time", as demonstrated last week PP president of Almería and president of the Provincial, Gabriel Amat, who "has been ridiculed and has shown little high-mindedness, having been positioned against the law to be changed "in the full council held last week.

"Ultimately the reason and work have overcome the lack of lights that have shown the PP leaders Almeria", Sanchez noted Teruel, for whom it is "a satisfaction" that the PSOE has gotten the mayor of Almería, Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador, "It has also voted, though not quite know what was the matter, as has been made clear in speaking of fines for owners ". "There are no fines, so there are people who see them demolishes your home and do not receive the compensation they are entitled ", has clarified the socialist.

Teruel Sanchez believes that "Amat, as president of the Council of Almería, and PP mayors and speakers who have opposed in their municipalities to adopt this amendment have shown they are not about to solve the problems of people and, therefore, should be no government responsibilities from next 24 May ".


Anyway, "Although the PSOE has had to go to Madrid to drag the PP consensus", responsible for the PSOE in Almería "It was worth the trip because from now many people go to sleep in peace, with the assurance that they will not demolish the house if not compensated before and also improve the image of our country and our province internationally ". "Today is a great day, because we have shown that with sensitivity and political will can solve many problems, problems not requiring money, but will only fix ", It has been said.

"I hope that the PP leaders Almeria learned something today and from now put the batteries, abandon the constant fight and engage in solving the problems of the people ", has added.

For his part, Socialist spokesman in the Development Commission and Senator Granada, Juan Manuel Fernández Ortega, recalled that the Socialist Group in the Senate has understood from the beginning that "this was a problem that had to be dealt from politics, was a social injustice that required a modification of laws to provide a solution ". "These are people who bought a home without knowing that he had legal problems and now justice ordered its demolition, with which they are subjected to suffering by telling them they have to leave your home and you have to demolish ", explained. "Until now lost all their property and also did not receive any compensation, because companies that sold their houses were run by scoundrels who were misled and were removed from among, and therefore no one was responding to the damage these people received ", something that can be avoided by modifying the Penal Code adopted today, noted.

For his part, Association spokesman Urban Abuses Almanzora No (AUAN), Gerardo Vázquez, who was also present in Madrid with socialist representatives, He thanked the PSOE "for filing an amendment" that was "very necessary", because "we are talking about the right to housing, at home and property ".