Open the deadline to apply for employment aid in insertion companies for groups in situations of exclusion

The Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce has opened the application period for the new call for aid to promote social and labor inclusion of groups facing exclusion through integration enterprises, to which will allocate over this year more than 1,9 million. The stakeholders have until the 27 August, to apply for these incentives on a competitive basis, with which it is expected to support about 146 jobs.

They may apply for these grants commercial companies or cooperatives entered in the register of companies insertion of Andalusia which are registered or provisionally until the final rating resolved. Application forms can be obtained at the website or at the headquarters of the Andalusian Employment Service Agency.

On the one hand, It is summoned aid to finance up 75% Investment in fixed assets (facilities, machinery, furniture or new information technologies and communications) done to create jobs people experiencing social exclusion. There is a maximum limit 8.000 euros in the case of investment in fixed assets will allow the realization of a full-time contract, and 4.000 euros for part-time contracts. It is estimated that this aid can generate an average of 53 and investment contracts 424.000 euros.

A second line of support encourages maintenance contracts people in situations of social exclusion to develop a customized itinerary that enables them to be inserted into the ordinary business. The amount will be the 50% wage costs of hiring for 12 months, with a limit of 5.000 euro per person employed full time and 2.500 in the case of half-time. This helps encourage more than fifty contracts, with an investment of 265.000 euros.

Last, the call establishes an aid to recruitment or maintenance of technical personnel responsible for tutorizar these personalized itineraries of labor insertion of people in exclusion contracted by insertion companies. It will subsidize the 100% wage costs derived from hiring these technical, with a maximum amount of 32.135 euros per year, full-time tutor. This aid will help make 40 procurement, for which the Board allocated an investment of 1,2 million.

Insertion companies are those entities, companies or cooperatives engaged in an economic activity or services with the primary purpose to integrate and form sociolaboralmente people at social exclusion, a business sector which brings together around 35 businesses in the community and employs around 500 people.

Among the groups that are considered at risk of exclusion are the recipients of minimum insertion income and members of the family unit beneficiaries of them; Young adults aged eighteen and under thirty, from Child Protection Institutions; people with substance abuse problems or other addictive disorders that are undergoing rehabilitation or social reintegration; prison inmates whose situation allows them to gain employment in open regime, subject to a system of ordinary trading with businessmen, as well as parolees and former inmates.

They are also included under age inmates whose situation allows them to gain employment in open regime, subject to regular procurement system employing person or entity, and those who are in situations probation; people from preventive services and social inclusion authorized; women victims of domestic violence from shelters or protection programs; returning to Andalusia migrants with serious personal or family needs; unemployed people over 50 years who have been uninterruptedly registered as job seekers during, at least, twelve months; and people with physical disabilities, intellectual or sensory, in or above the level 33%, inter alia.