Open to the 15 February the aid application deadline for the promotion of wine in EU markets.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development remain open until the next day 15 February the deadline for submission of applications for aid for the promotion of wine in third country markets, a line of subsidies aimed at promoting knowledge of the characteristics and qualities of Spanish wines in order to help improve their competitive position and consolidation or opening new markets in these territories.

According to the Royal Decree 548/2013, of 19 July, for the implementation of the program measures support 2014-2018 the Spanish wine sector, may submit applications for a financing promotion measures in third countries the wineries, producer organizations and interbranch organizations defined in Article 125 Regulation (EC) number 123/2007 Council, of 22 October 2007; management bodies of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications vinous; association of exporters and export consortia, participated exclusively in the wine sector companies and non-profit association affiliated companies profit exclusively in wine, having among its objectives the promotion of foreign wines.

The actions eligible for these grants, to be made between 15 June this year and the 14 June 2015, can be developed in any country that is not part of the European Union, establishing priority programs presented by those new beneficiaries who have not previously received support and beneficiaries, having received aid before, target a new third country. Also, are advanced 15 day periods of implementation and justification.

Among the actions that are supported by these grants, close 80% correspond to measures of promotion and advertising, where trade missions include, trade missions, advertising campaigns of various kinds, promotions in retail outlets, information offices, portales web, press office and product presentations.

Regarding promotional products focus these measures, these are wines with PDO, IGP or those in which the wine grape variety indicated. In addition to this condition, must be intended for direct consumption and export opportunities or present new markets in third countries.

These incentives are part of the Support Program Spanish Wine Sector 2014/2018 and finance, through the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (Feaga), the 50% of the investment made by companies for the development of these promotional activities.

Half of wines from Almeria, outside the EU

Almería, a few years ago exported most of its wines to the European Union, sells more than half of its wines in EU markets. Last year, with data through November, more than half of exported wines were sent to third countries. Specifically, the second best customer is Japan Almeria broths, country to which exported 19% of total, U.S. followed, with the 15,4%. Cities in Almeria wines are China (7,4%), Guinea Ecuatorial (3,2), Vietnam (3) y Hong-Kong (2,5%). En total, as highlighted by the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz, Far Eastern countries and almost a third of purchased wine exports Almeria.