Open the schooling process in Andalusia for the course 2015/2016.

Andalucía remain open throughout the month of March the deadline for submission of applications for admission for the course 2015/16 in the network of publicly funded, which involves the supply of 1.427.925 places second cycle of child, primary, middle and high school. Thus begins the schooling process that involves all students who join for the first time to the education system, both public and concerted, and students who change school.

This is one of the most important processes by volume, since no administrative procedure in Andalusia who accumulates more people interested in such a limited period and its implications in planning all the Andalusian education system. “We understand the concern of students, families and schools in this process and, therefore, we respond from the education authority with confidence and guarantees in favor of equal opportunities in access to and continuing education in all educational stages”, ha señalado el consejero de Education, Culture and Sports, Luciano Alonso.

Also, the Minister stressed that this is a process “guarantor and transparent with a long experience in Andalucía”. In this sense, Alonso has emphasized that each school once more get their place in the school they choose, well during last more than 96% applications obtained square in downtown requested.

Since the 1 until 31 March, including, may apply the 2nd cycle school Child, Primary, Special Education, Secondary (ESO) and School. For students of 3 years that schooling next year, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport offer a total of 99.175 new places for, of which 82,20% squares correspond to public.

For his part, schools publish the list of vacant school places as well as information about cadastral addresses included in their catchment areas and surrounding areas. When the supply of places matches or exceeds demand, applicants will be admitted and only in those cases where it can not meet all demand, will proceed to the scales of applications.

The centers will be made public on your bulletin board, before 16 April, the ratio of applicants with the assigned score and, from that date, will open within 10 school days for the submission of claims. If, after applying criteria baremación (siblings in the school, domicilio familiar or labor, for working mother or father in the center, annual income, disability, large family the parent) ties occur, the result of the public drawing to be held the day apply 14 May at the headquarters of the Ministry, after the close of the admission process applications. The final of admitted and non-admitted the relationship will 19 May.

Also, also reported that the deadlines for admission to the teachings of Languages, Initial Vocational Training, Permanent adult education, and Music and Dance (basic and vocational education), down from April.

The easiest information for families

Families can access the Portal Schooling, available through the website of the Ministry (, where he is collecting all information about schools, his teachings and offer additional services, and the regulations governing the schooling process and the application form which will be submitted electronically or in the centers. Also, The smartphone app allows querying schooling centers and the scale points per household. Also, through this device families will receive free notifications both the process and its application.

The Ministry also started during the month of March a campaign with the slogan 'Education, the beginning of any’ to inform the Andalusian society about the schooling process. Like previous years has enabled a toll-free line (900 848 000), uninterrupted hours 8.00 a 19.00 hours.