Pedro Sánchez announced that a conference on migration and desertification held in Almería

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, It has advanced Almería host along 2019 an international conference on desertification and migration.

Sanchez made the announcement during his speech at the summit in Marrakech (Morocco) to which they have come above 150 countries They have signed the Global Compact for Migration.

This event is a reference International Symposium on Desertification and Migration held in Almería in February 1994, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the Secretariat of the then Intergovernmental Committee for the Negotiation of the Convention to Combat Desertification (WHEN), because it was not signed until June of that year 1994.

As said Sánchez, Spain is "Firmly committed" to the causes of immigration, to create conditions for sustainable development. Also, He stressed the importance of integration of migrants.

In this sense, He recalled that his government will launch a Strategic Plan for Citizenship and Integration and a state fund for this purpose. "Migratory flows must be managed properly to maximize opportunities and reduce risks”, He said.

Executive leader reiterated that illegal immigration led by mafias "is not the way" because "threatens the human capital of the countries of origin, creates instability in transit and destination, and detracts opportunities for orderly migration ".

"We must continue fighting together against networks of human trafficking and migrant because it is an unacceptable violation of human rights ", He has proclaimed.

In this, He called to fight and to act against " xenophobic and exclusionary discourses"Against immigration. "Appealing to hatred or fear of different benefits only those who use the strategy for political gain", he added.

Source: EuropaPress