428 public schools teachers coordinate the Strategic Plan for Equality in Almería

The Delegate of Education during the celebration of the conference.

The Delegate of Education during the celebration of the conference.

The delegate of Education of the Junta de Andalucía, Francisca Fernández, He has attended this morning a working day that is celebrating the teachers responsible for coordinating, in public schools in Almería, Strategic Plan II Gender Equality Ministry of Education. The meeting, aimed at teaching Teacher Center Almería, It has taken place in the IES Al-Andalus and have previously held such coordination meetings of the CEP and Cuevas El Ejido Olula.

This Strategic Plan provides guidelines for promoting gender equality, coeducation and prevention of gender violence in schools, incorporating an integrated and cross-cutting gender perspective in all actions of the same.

All public schools have almerienses coordinators and coordinators to streamline and ensure the development of the measures outlined in the Plan for Gender Equality in Andalusia and conducting continuous training advice, materials or sharing of best practices, among other actions.

Good practices
The meeting held today is dedicated to the exchange of best practices. The experiences are sharing are "Backpack Viajera for Equality" by Rocío Hernández (Cuevas CEP Olula); "The sinsombrero" Mª José Castillo (Torreserena Viator IES); "Art School for the difference" Pepa Cobo (Almería Art School); "Coeducar with Art" Rachel Cruz (IES Carlos III of Aguadulce) and "Spanish cane" by Rachel Soler has received the Rosa Regas Award.

Francisca Fernandez says it is a duty "of all who work in Education", promote equal educational environments, healthy from the point of emotional and psychological and coexistence and argues that this "is the only way to guarantee the rights of our children".

Add the Minister of Education that the enjoyment freedom of identity and positive emotional relationships "is a basic right to protect and enhance" and therefore "it is so important to incorporate inescapably emotional and affective-sexual education in our programming with crosscutting, as well as education for citizenship ".

"In education we have a huge responsibility and an important task, which it is to contribute to the training of students in personal autonomy, promoting change in gender relations and contribute to building a more just and equal society for men and women. Approach them with the necessary keys to understanding the processes of change in which it is immersed, especially those that promote personal and emotional balance, interpersonal relationships and social and professional integration. ', according to the delegate of Education.

II Strategic Plan for Equality
Fernandez thanked the commitment of the coordinators and coordinators of Iguakldad and stressed the importance of consolidating the achievements of the I Plan of Equality and continued progress in this area, II main purpose of the Strategic Plan for Gender Equality in Education 2016-2021 of the Andalusian, conceived as the framework for action and the tool to continue promoting gender equality in the education system, both structural and cultural aspects of the Administration, and those related to the life and activities of schools, watching, also, diversity of gender identities, sexual orientations, family models and ways of living together, avoiding any kind of discrimination because of them. '

Coordination Network
The last course was created “Network Coordination Plan for Equality” to which all teachers of Andalusia who coordinates the Plan at its center belongs. En total, 4.640 professors, of which 428 They are in the province of Almería.