23 families rehabilitate their subsidized by the Ministry of Housing and Housing Development.

The delegate embodies Caparros delivery projects in Lucar, Bacares, Albanchez and Alcudia de Monteagud.

23 families in the municipalities of Lucar, Bacares, Albanchez and Alcudia de Monteagud received works projects for the rehabilitation of their homes, whose cost amounts to 330.300 euros and will be subsidized by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing with support 170.350 euros. The territorial delegate embodies Caparros has been commissioned to deliver documents, to enable them to begin work no later than four months, after obtaining a municipal license, establishing a period of eight months for execution and completion.

En Lúcar seis familias recibirán 39.000 euros to finance a quantized works 74.000 euros; en Bacares, six other beneficiaries may start improving their homes by a grant from 41.650 euros to face a total expenditure of 83.300 euros; Albanchez have also been six families who delivered the territorial delegate works projects, whose grant amounts to 52.000 euros and the overall budget is 104.000 euros.

These items are awarded through the Regional Rehabilitation programs, line intervention of the Board referred to in the regional housing plans that have higher demand among citizens. The Junta de Andalucía grants a subsidy equal to 50% budget execution of works to improve the interior of homes, with limits on property ranging from 12.000 and 18.000 euros, depending on whether or not affect the structural construction of the building system. Also, the Department pays the costs of drafting and construction management projects. For his part, residents in homes provide the 50% remaining budget works.
Aid for housing rehabilitation are aimed at families whose income is less than 2,5 times the minimum wage (Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income), equivalent 1.331 USD per month.