227 Children enjoy planned activities in the Summer School.

Until next day 4 September will remain in operation Summer School of Vera whose official opening took effect yesterday, so good 65 children and attending to her since last day 23. The Summer School has Vera 14 monitors, all of them trained and skilled in Ludotecas, and assist 227 children, between kindergarten and primary classes, Scheduled activities.

So, students of both courses are divided into several groups with different activities and workshops for each. For child activities they have been arranged comprising: Storytelling, Plastic, English, Literacy, Computing, Psychomotor, Fountains, Language stimulation, Choreography and specific parties, and outputs to the water park once a week.

Elementary students are offered creative workshop, Body expression, Recycling, Know your people, Live the adventure, Study support, English, Computing, Sports games, weekly excursions, exit to the water park once a week.

The schedule of the Summer School is Vera 09:00 a 14:00 hours