2.000 Almería one selfie students are made for the inclusion of disability

Albox, Antas, Canjáyar, Singing, Dalías, Fiñana, Gádor, Garrucha, Laujar de Andarax, Olula River, Pechina, Purchena, Sorbas, Taverns, Tíjola, Vera, Viator ... And so a list that reaches 25 municipalities of the province of Almeria. The 'Include Me in your selfie' project, developed for the second consecutive year by the Association of People with Disabilities Verdiblanca, in collaboration with the Department of Youth of the Council of Almería, fulfills its main objective to sensitize students of secondary and high schools on skills and different skills that young people with disabilities, analyzing the role they can play for inclusion processes in common environments.

Now that a new year begins, Verdiblanca evaluates the work done during these months back and assess the success of this initiative reaches its final stretch with the participation of almost 2.000 students. Both the president of Verdiblanca, Antonio Sanchez de Amo, as the deputy of Youth, Martinez Angeles, agree that the achievements reside both in its innovative character and its informative facets, educational and youth, as awareness-raising is done through informative gaming excitement.

Through different group sessions, coordinated by teachers, older students 12 years are knowing the reality and strengths of people with disabilities and thus identify the obstacles they face every day people with disabilities are, different forms having to overcome, their concerns, what motivates them, what others can do for them to make their lives more bearable and what they can offer to those around them.

With the actions carried out with students, They are given to know the importance of associations around disability, the dynamic activity develops 'Spot the difference', that explains the diversity associated with incidence motórica, sensory or intellectual and videos where young people with disabilities are projected avant-garde practice activities like Skateboarder, ballet, parkour, vindictive urban art and rap.

This playful side is completed with the show 'Skills', inclusive video game free download on Android and Apple platforms, prepared by Verdiblanca, on civic behavior and accessibility in public spaces, and performing a punching photocall selfies, simulating different characters with disabilities, inspired Star Wars saga.

To perform these activities, 'Include Me in your selfie' you are counting on the participation of both technicians Provincial, as staff councils of each of the different municipalities of the province, and teachers of schools of secondary education, with disability associations in the municipalities and technical staff and volunteer Verdiblanca.

All this joint work is possible to create a network of synergies around promoting the project for its purposes and educational objectives and disability awareness to the youth group, so its scope is exceeding the targets originally planned.