150 Professional North Health District to form in Almería Will Registry.

The training is aimed at both primary care staff and workers of the Hospital La Inmaculada Huercal-Overa.

A total of 150 Northern Area Health professionals Almería participated in a training program on the Register of Wills. This training has been conducted in 10 successive editions, you have participated in both primary care and hospital Immaculate. In this hospital last summer opened a new registration point to formalize the requests of Living Will.

The training was given by the Deputy Director of User Support Area, Carmen Ortega, Customer responsible for user, José Antonio Valera, social worker and Area , Aurelia Ramírez.

Throughout the ten editions of the course have been transmitted to the participants knowledge of the existing legislation on user rights, contained in the Decree 59/2012, of 13 March, on the organization and functioning of the regional census is regulated. Equally, professionals explained the constitution of the Immaculate Hospital to host the Will Registry in the province, or how can users, Answer by Health (902 50 50 60) request an appointment to process the document or answer your questions.

The objective of this initiative is that health professionals North Area expand and improve their knowledge on issues such as Clinical Bioethics, the Register of Wills or Advance Vital provisions set out in the Bill of Rights and Guarantees of the Dignity of the Individual to the Process of Death.

Register of Wills

The Immaculate Hospital of Huercal-Overa began to respond to requests for statement will advance the vital last July, starting with al Hospital Torrecardenas, the decentralization process and expanding points Registry Advance Vital Wills Andalusia in the province of Almería.

The opening of new registry aims to improve accessibility for those citizens who choose to express, voluntarily and with full mental capacity and awareness, what actions do or do not want to be practiced if the patient could not manifest at the time of care.

The Declaration of Living Will is a written document outlining the citizens' preferences about care and medical treatment they wish to receive, so that they are met at the time with no ability to express personally. Can also choose a trusted person, Freshness, to decide for the person when he can not speak.

Enabling the Immaculate Hospital to host RVA giving effect to the commitment of the Government of Andalusia to improve accessibility of citizens to Register Early Vital Wills, as established by Decree 59/2012, of 13 March, on the organization and functioning of the regional census is regulated.