CCOO denounces the failure of the City of Oria in the payment of wages to workers home help.

CCOO and Construction Services Almería publicly denounces non-payment of outstanding wages of fertilizer Oria City Council agreed to pay the staff of workers who serve in the home help of the municipality.

Since that municipality withdraw the Administrative Concession fourteen months ago the company UTE Geriatric Urban, leaving a debt to both the Social Security payroll as a template, that were assumed by the city council, workers have been demanding the payment of the committed, being agreed in SERCLA of 6 May that before 30 June 2014 the zanjaría el pago.

After so much time elapsed, varios acuerdos del SERCLA adoptados y los grandes problemas económicos que han tenido que pasar las trabajadoras de este servicio, to take in charge their payrolls several months, the City of Oria still settle debt.

From the Mayor of Oria CCOO required, not dilate further payment of these wages owed to staff, as, considering that most are below payroll 600 euros, these revenues are essential to the balance of the family budget each worker.