The Second Exhibition of Rural and Ethnographic Film Almanzora Valley be held in August

Comparte con WhatsApp Almanzora Coopera y el Ayuntamiento de Urrácal convocan un concurso para la elección del cartel anunciador Tras el éxito alcanzado en su primera edición, ya se trabaja en la programación de la segunda edición de la Muestra de Cine Rural y Etnográfico del Almanzora, que traslada su fecha de celebración a la […]

The tenth anniversary of the death of Pedro Gilabert, in the 'I Days of Cultural Heritage Arboleas'

Share with WhatsApp As a novelty, this year, Arboleas City Council will establish the "First Conference on Cultural Heritage in Arboleas", which will be dedicated, on the one hand, the 'Tenth Anniversary of the death of Pedro Gilabert' and, another major, as it is the 'performances Roman Mina lazuli Especularis of Higuerales'. The […]

Nelly Rodi selects Lorusso Mermeladas Artesanales at the Maison Fair&Objet Paris as a trademark trend for the year 2019

Share with WhatsApp Globally companies need to create new rules with innovative solutions for alternative growth, adopting sustainable consumption practices. It is a pressing social issue, which can not be ignored. Respect others and nature, saving natural resources, transmit knowledge to future generations, fight against obsolescence […]

Augmented reality 3D recreates inside one of the tombs of the archaeological site of Villaricos

Share with WhatsApp The Minister of Culture, Miguel Angel Vazquez, today introduced an application that allows the virtual recreation of the interior of hipogeo (or tomb) number 5 the archaeological site of Villaricos, Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), through a project augmented reality. Vazquez, who today visited the site almeriense, explained […]

Depopulation and desertification after 33 years without the train Guadix Baza Lorca Almanzora

Share with WhatsApp“when the 31 December 1984 the Government of Spain unfairly closed the railway line Guadix-Almendricos, It was not only destroying the main backbone of transport between the regions of southeast peninsular, but also it condemned the depopulation and desertification, well abandonment and insecurity, a […]

The Summer of Purchena claimed more ways to help children at risk of social exclusion

Share with WhatsApp In a municipality where work with children at risk of social exclusion has become a way of life, Purchena, was inaugurated on Wednesday the Summer Course at the University of Almería longest and largest in terms of participants, over 180. During three days […]

Vera hosts screening test for LVIII International Festival of Cante de las Minas

The audience shares with WhatsApp “Vera City” of that Andalusian village has hosted this past Saturday selective test LVIII International Festival of Cante de las Minas. A test was attended by numerous personalities from the City of Vera and the Consistory of La Union, town that hosts the International Festival of Cante […]